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Apache Commons uses shared mailing lists for all of its components. To make it easier for people to only read messages related to components they are interested in, the convention in Commons is to prefix the subject line of messages with the component's name, for example:

  • [EMAIL] Problem with mime message
  • [IO] Progress Monitor
  • [VFS] Public key authentication support for sftp

Questions related to the usage of Commons components should be posted to the .
The is for questions and discussion related to the development of Commons components.
Please do not cross-post; developers are also subscribed to the user list. Read the archives first in case your question has already been answered. If not, then subscribe to the appropriate list and post your question.

Note: please don't send patches or attachments to any of the mailing lists. Patches are best handled via the Issue Tracking system. Otherwise, please upload the file to a public server and include the URL in the mail.

Please read the and as well as the Commons page On Contributing Patches
For further information on Apache mailing lists please read in particular the section entitled

Commons Mailing Lists

Please prefix the subject line of any messages with: [component] - thanks!

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Commons Security List

This is a private list, for reporting and discussion of security issues related to Commons components.

Please do not report security issues to public mailing lists or the JIRA issue tracker.
Please note, that a subscription will only be successful for Commons PMC (or ASF) Members, or upon invitation. If you wish to subscribe, please contact the private@ mailing list.
Unsubscribe Post

Posts from non-subscribers will be allowed if they relate to a security issue with a Commons component.

Please note, that this archive is not accessible to the public, due to the confidential nature of the discussions.
Commons User List

Questions on using Commons components.

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Commons Developer List

Discussion of development of Commons components.

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Commons Issues List

Only for e-mails automatically generated by the issue tracking system.

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Commons Commits List

Only for e-mails automatically generated by the source control sytem.

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Commons Notifications List

For site staging build e-mails automatically generated by Buildbot.

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Apache Mailing Lists

Other mailing lists which you may find useful include:

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Apache Announce List

General announcements of Apache project releases.

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Other subject prefixes

Other prefixes which may be used on Commons mailing lists are:

  • [ALL] - general discussion (developer list)
  • [DOC] - Documentation discussion
  • [jira] - this is automatically added by JIRA messages (issues list)
  • [VOTE], [RESULT], [CANCELLED] - voting threads (developer list)
  • [ANNOUNCE], [ANN] - announcements of releases etc.